What is that?

Serwerownia Outsourcing in the IT industry is an increasingly common practice. The labor market in this respect is very demanding and it is very difficult to find a competent person, especially if we do not offer them full-time or the project we have implemented is relatively short. The proposed form of employment may also often be an obstacle.

This is where outsourcing comes to our aid. It is a form of delegating an employee of one company to another under certain conditions and for a specified period of time. However, this also works the other way around. You can also outsource the scope of the employee's duties from one company to another. Therefore, if your employees do not keep up with handling ongoing reports, you can always delegate some of their duties to another company, such as ours.

Networking We offer outsourcing both for the delegation of our employees to your company and the transfer of responsibilities of IT departments to our employees. Regardless of which form of outsourcing you choose, we guarantee a competent team of specialists with many years of experience.

Take care of your company's finances and ask us now how much you can gain on the hourly settlement of delegated tasks or employees. Our specialists provide help and explanations. They train others to improve all IT processes.